Make money as an affiliate!

Promote Guisk on your website or blog and generate a 25% commission off every visitor that buys from us. Simply place one of our banners or your affiliate link where visitors will see it and make money through every sale made from your ad!

1. Sign Up

Simply sign up for our affiliates program.

2. Refer Friends

Place our ad on your website or blog.

3. Earn Money!

Generate a commission from every sale made
through your ad!

How it works

Generating income from your ad is simple! Below are the steps to making money, which are completely automated after placing our link on your website.

  • The visitor clicks on your affiliate link on your blog or website.
  • The IP address of the visitor is recorded and a cookie is placed to ensure you get your commission.
  • The visitor browses our site and chooses to place an order.
  • The visitor places the order and you receive your commission of 25%
  • We validate the order.
  • We add the amount of commission on your account. Then you will be paid at the end of the month (when your balance equals 100$) via PayPal.

Rules & Requirements

Our affiliates program is put together to help you generate income in return for referring new hosting clients to Guisk. Below are the rules and requirements related to the program.

  • You should not refer your own website(s)
  • You must not use your affiliate account to refer yourself.